Cardia Arquitectos has a diversified activity and works in small and large scale projects, coordination and supervision of building development processes, communication design, lighting, furniture and others.
More than a life style, the coordinator, José Cardia is moved by a new world context – to project for necessities in its essential, with art, technology and economy. A dedication of more than 30 years, combines two generations motivated by the desire of architecture.

The success of the increasing complexity of the project act is achieved with the perfect dialog and coordination of all the complementary teams involved. Opened to strategic partnerships with other colleagues and teams, we aim architecture to respond to the client need as well as it the social and artistic role. We assume that every design act has a technological approach in the defense of ambient.

We, as well as our partnerships are devoted to create buildings having in mind a better environment and reinforcing the idea of the economical and cultural sense as acts that validates architecture.



– Graduated in architecture at the Lisbon Architecture University


– Founder of JC Arquitectos, Lda.
– Founding partner of Socifa Imobiliária III


– Founding partner da Ambiplan, Lda.


– Designing computerization.
– Refreshment of the ANKA Team Image responsible


– Technical Director of TERA, Hydrocarbons
– Oil company
– Moved to Madrid – End of cooperation


– Founding partner of José Cardia Arquitectos Lda.


– Opening of José Cardia Arquitectos, Lda offices in Viseu – Avenida Almirante Afonso Cerqueira Lote 362 1º AR, 3510-076 Viseu – Portugal
– Beginning of the partnership with Viscivil


– Founding partner of Memoart – Real Estate Company


– Author of opinion articles of Made in Viseu newspaper
– Beginning of the technological partnership with Tetracis Plurirede


– Beginning of the partnership with Osram
– Beginning of the partnership with Siemens
– Beginning of the partnership with Geberit
– Beginning of the partnership with Eco-Inside
– Invited by the multinacional Astronne Capital Group for the development of projects in Brazil
– Beginning of the activity of Design Group Timor-Leste
– Invited by Nicecover for the development of projects in Mozambique


– Beginning of the cooperation with Nicecover – Beira – Mozambique


– Beginning of the cooperation with Inteligência Urbana (IU) – Brasília – Brazil
– Beginning of the partnership with Logic Wise, a conslting company for international projects
– Portugal


– Beginning of the partnership with Fundo Ibero-Americano do Brazil.
– Beginning of the partnership with Gaia New Technologies for the development of several projects – Madrid – Spain
– Beginning of the partnership with i2 inteligência Urbana – Galhano Júnior – São Paulo – Brazil
– Beginning of the cooperation with Magnolia Golf Design
– Beginning of the cooperation with Ébano store – Lisboa – representative of SIA-Home Design


– House in São Domingos de Rana


– Housing Building for Calçada do Lavra, Lisbon


– House in Belas – Housing building in Rua da Saudade, 5


– House in Troia – Vilas do Mar

2016 – 2017- 2018 – 2019
Parceria com a Imocontornos
Project for Quinta dos Remédios- Vila Franca de Xira -32 Houses
Supervision of construction project – Joia do Campo – Amadora
Housing Building in Loures – na Salgado Zenha,19
Housing concepts for buildings in Loures

2017- 2018 – 2019 – 2020
Partnership with Family Fernando Andrez
Parque do Rio restaurants
Parque do Rio Apartments
Concept for Hotel Estoril 4****
Concepts and primary project Av. da República,18 Building
Concepts and primary project Hotel At Expo Lote 3.01.01

2017- 2018 – 2019 – 2020 – 2021
Partnership with WiderProperty
Alta de Lisboa – Plots 9,10,13,16,17,18 e 22.1.9
Development of concepts, Base project: Architecture, economic study e functionality.

José Carlos Cardia

Founder | Architect


Marcelo Cardia

(Partner | Architect)

Pedro Cardia


Artur Costa


António Santos



Marta Lourenço
Cláudia Serôdio
Miguel André
Liliana Santos
Vera Pereira
Susana Costa
Maria João